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Aim to complete your MBBS degree in abroad countries then Armenia is the best option to choose. Many Indians are now migrating toward Armenia to complete their masters and bachelor's in Armenia. But before going abroad in any country you must need to know about the people, country, their behavior towards foreigners, the climatic conditions.

About the university!

You should know exactly where the university is situated or located at. How teachers perform on the basis of graduation. The Curriculum, certification and many other necessities from the beginning till the completion of the graduation period. So, is tied up with the topmost university so that candidates could be able to learn in 3D Technology. The 3D technology is the most powerful display technology in which you can move the hands in the air and watch the whole diagram in-depth knowledge.
We are tied up with one university that uses 3D technology and teacher will teach you using this mechanization providing all their core knowledge to make you know or understand the thing to know exactly what is happening inside the human body! Further, you will be provided the practical exposure and operational methods so that in future you can perform well.

College in the United Kingdom Total Fee
St. Tereza Medical University 18,55,000 INR

What are the eligibility criteria for Armenia University?

You need to have at least 50% on an average in physics, chemistry, and biology. After this, you can apply for the NEET entrance exam to study for medical in foreign countries. For General 134 is the passing mark to obtain out of 720 marks while there is a little relief for SC/ST which 110 marks out of 720 marks.

What are the climatic conditions in the United Kingdom for the whole year?

Armenia remains cold in from the month of January to march as the avg. the temperature rises from -3 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius. After the beginning of April it cools down to 13 degrees Celsius and from May to the month of September the temperature varies but it remains nearly around 25 degrees Celsius. Then in the month of October, November, and December it again falls down from 14 degrees to 1 degree Celsius.

Is the country crime-free or No violence?

The country is considered as secure and safe. It is free of violence. Further, people are free from cybercrime offenses that occur in other countries but in Armenia, Cyber surety experts protect the whole nation from attackers. The people here live in peace and they also expect from one another. So there is no worry about the country related to the crime as well as criminals.

How do Armenian’s behave with everyone?

The people of Armenia are friendly in nature and they are kind-hearted as well as soft to speak, respecting their elders as well as having a great attitude towards children. They always greet with cheek touch in a gentle manner. If you need anything to ask from Armenians they will surely tell you without hesitating because it’s in their nature that they are hospitable, friendly and open-hearted. When you will visit Armenia you do not know how the university students welcome fresher students to be their companion. This will be the most exciting moment that you need to keep it to yourself till it occurs.

What are the benefits you will be provided in this complete course?

1. There are 6 caretakers in the university who will look after or listen to your complaints or anything necessary you needed, they will definitely provide you.
2. 3D Technology classes- You will be provided 3D technology classes for all the subjects.
3. Virtual Reality- View human autonomy in all three dimensions to experience it to the depth in the image.
4. Many Indian, as well as foreign hospitals, are tied up with St. Tereza Medical University so that internships you will be able to get the human autonomy practical exposures as well as each and every body part related to your studies.

Some of the most important questions that comes in your mind and we will let you know. Well, this MBBS program in which you will be considered as the medical doctor after the completion of the 5-year program. In these 5 years, you will be getting credits. For the 1st year 72 points, 2nd 72 points and for the rest three years, you will have 216 credit points. So the total credit score is 360 and you will get out of 360 credits based on theories, practical exams, class performance, learning experience, nature or behavior and many things that will include in your performance levels.

HWhich are the facilities available in the Hostel exclusively for you?

• 24*7 availability of hot and cold water.
• Centralized cooling and heating system.
• Electronic lock
• Library is Quiet and comfortable ambiance to work or study well.
• Recreation Room- University encourages its students to participate in debate, music, etc.
• Student’s Club- Students can refresh their minds by playing indoor games as when needed.
• Fully Furnished Rooms with options of single/ double bed.
• Kitchen (24*7 gas service).
• Mess-Healthy and hygienic Indian Cuisine with authentic flavors as well as spices.

How much needed to spend on monthly livings and necessities?

There will be around 7,000 INR to 10,000 INR including the food as well as living expenses.

And to get full details about the university you can contact us at +91-8287590270, +91- 9953264567.
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