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Nearly thousands of people arrive in Bangladesh every year to complete their medical and non-medical courses. There are many Bangladeshi college universities that are best in the medical field. The professors are quick-witted and sharp-minded to solve complex human autonomy case. Their teachings are beyond expert levels. Even the Bangladeshi people are brilliantly minded known for themselves all over the world because Bangladeshi people like fish to eat two times a day and fish has omega 3 that boosts mind and powers it to sharp the mind.
If you like to eat non-vegetarian food then you would love this place.
We are tied up with the 6 medical universities that have well-trained teachers and also experts in specific subjects. Well, to apply in these universities you have to clear NEET entrance exam after that you future doors are open to Top 6 Bangladesh universities

• Holy Family Medical College
• Prime Medical College
• Eastern Medical College
• Shahabuddin Medical College
• Central Medical college
• East-West Medical College
• Bangladesh Medical College.
Here are the Top 6 universities that everything you need to know about medical studies. Thus, you need to prepare for NEET Entrance exams after completing 12thclass in Physics, chemistry, and biology. You have to gain at least 50% or above in these subjects.
In this article, I will let you know more about Bangladesh, its medical universities, climatic conditions, and people's behavior.

How do Bangladeshi People interact with others or foreigners?

Nearly, 10 Lac of Indian people is working in Bangladesh since 2005 in NGOs, Garments, Textiles, IT and many other fields. They did not find anything misbehave by people. Instead, Indians only praise about Bangladeshi’s saying that people here are benevolent and have good communication skills while they do not chime in other’s disputes and are helpful too whenever needed. They believe in ”oneness with all development for everyone.” means, if all people living in the same country then all of them are there to care for each other for the national development and friendly relations between all of them.

How the weather condition changes during the whole year?

Bangladeshi’s loves the climatic conditions. The weather in Bangladesh is neither too hot nor too cold. The minimum temperature in Bangladesh lies between 11 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius whereas the maximum temperature lies between 23 to 32 degrees Celsius starts from the month of January till the month of December. Bangladeshi do not feel the hot summer days because this temperature could be possibly seen as normal temperatures in that region.

Extra necessary things you must know

• The fee structure for each college is different and varies.
• Hostel facility will be provided
• Indian Mess is there for Indian Comers.
• Application, general and processing fees are included in your total package.
• Monthly Expenses will include 7,000 INR to 10,000 INR.
• Includes Indian food both for vegetarians as well as Non- vegetarian People.
• Care Takers will be there to listen about your necessities and complaints.

Important Key points to know about NEET Exams and study in MBBS College.

• Must have Good knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
• 180 Multiple choice Question each of 4 marks and 1 negative marking for every wrong answer.
• Total marks are 720 Marks and out of 720 Marks.
• Above 134 marks are required to crack NEET Exams for General.
• Above 110 marks are required to crack NEET Exams for SC/ST.
• Best scholarship packages will be given to those who get good marks in NEET Entrance Exam.

What are the special utilities you get after joining Medical Colleges?

• 24*7 availability of hot and cold water provided.
• Centralized cooling and heating systems.
• Every student will have their personal electronic lock to store belongings.
• The library is Quiet and comfortable ambiance to work or study well.
• University encourages its students to participate in debate, music, etc.
• Students can refresh their minds by playing indoor games as when needed.
• Fully Furnished Rooms with options of single/ double bed.
• Kitchen (24*7 gas service).
• Mess-Healthy and hygienic Indian Cuisine with authentic flavors as well as spices.

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