STUDY IN Kazakhstan

Relief from high school exams, wishing to go abroad study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Top universities are now offering affordable and low-cost fee structure so that most of the people will be able to afford the reasonable packages.
These affordable packages includes best clinical approach as well as trending methods to practice human autonomy so that all students can have good practical exposure before they rush out to implement on their profession. The staff and faculty in the Kazakhstan’s Medical universities are well trained and have good knowledge experience that may help you to solve major as well as minor disease.
Many facilities in the reputed colleges or universities of Kazakhstan will be given to you and you need not worry about the housing facility which is included in your fee package for all the students coming from every corner of the world.
Well, this is not the final statement to say because there is much to know about Kazakhstan and doing MBBS is the best option to become the future doctor in the coming next 5 years.

Clear your mind about Entrance Exam Tests!

Now prepare yourself to take NEET Entrance Exam Tests. Practice old unsolved questions papers of NEET exams (Previous years) of physics, chemistry, and biology that will ultimately guide you about how to take your tests and handle other simple as well as complex questions.
NEET Entrance Exam is the only Exam to study MBBS in India or other foreign countries like Kazakhstan. So you need to have 50% on an average in physics, chemistry, and biology so that you can appear for this entrance exam.
NEET Entrance Exam has 180 multiple choice questions and Each Question is of 4 marks each and there will be 1 negative marking for every wrong answer. The best tip is that and to score well in exams is if you are totally unaware of the question you can leave and work on those that you can solve. Because there is a limitation of time that is 3 hours and if you are in general category you need to get 134 marks and for SC/ST you need 110 marks to pass or above. Good scorers will get scholarships or discount packages.
After reading about Entrance Exams you must be aware of your country, climate, people, behaviors, top universities, where they are located and etc.

Kazakhstan Top Universities

• Kazak National Medical University
• Karaganda State Medical University
• Summy State Medical College

What is the Average Climatic Conditions in Kazakhstan during the whole year?

It is very cold in the month of January the temperate falls down in negative to 18 degree Celsius and it rises to the highest temperature in the month of July to positive 15 degree Celsius in the month of July which then drops down to negative 15 degree Celsius in the month of December in Nur-Sultan while in Almaty it starts from negative 10 degree Celsius and rises at 30 degree Celsius as maximum in the month of July which drops down to negative 5 degree Celsius in the month of December.

Where is Kazakhstan located at?

Kazakhstan is approximately spread about 1 million kilometers. It is located in Central Asia. In past history, it is known as well as it is connected to the silk-road with Europe and China Two thousand years ago. It reaches out to the Altai Mountains as its eastern outskirts with China and Russia. Kazakhstan imparts suburbs to Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. The lands leading to the Caspian Sea in the west are below sea level and rich in oil. The historic Aral Sea is on Kazakhstan's southern borders with Uzbekistan.

How do people of Kazakhstan behave and how they react to foreigners?

Well, Kazakhstan is generally considered the safest place than any other country. It is a rumor that countries that are ending with ‘Istan’ like Kazakhstan, Afghanistan are not safer for both the local citizen as well as local people. But, tourism has been increased since the past 5 years and is still increasing because more and more people from every corner of the world are coming to see the beauty of Kazakhstan and Muslim Cities. It is said that a solo female is considered to be much safer to travel to Kazakhstan. People have given good and very nice reviews about the country that they are helpful for outsiders as well as locals. They greet foreigners in a nice way with a handshake. You find an absolute gratitude given to you by Kazakhstani locals.
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