New Zealand

Study Business Administration in New Zealand

Planning to study in the best 5 colleges of New Zealand. Majority of people in India are looking for Auckland University, Auckland University of technology, Waikato University and many more. They are specially labeled for diploma, graduate diploma, post graduation, masters and PHD. If you are looking for non-medical category or the business administration college then you are landed on the correct page where you will get to know all about MBA and New Zealand universities, weather, climate, some important points about New Zealand country, society, people. So that, when you need to travel in the country you should be already aware all about the country and university.

What are the climatic conditions?

In summer season: The temperature may not rise more than 25-27 degree Celsius in the month of March, April and May. And it may rise or fall in the whole summers till august at 10 degree Celsius. Then it fall below 10 degree Celsius like 7 or 9 degree.
In spring and rainy season: Highest temperature which will rise in the rainy season is 19 degree Celsius in Bay of Island. On the other hand countries like Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown having 11 degree Celsius or less.
In winter season: The temperature does not rise but it falls in reaching negative temperatures. The temperature can reach to -10 degree Celsius also same in all other states.

Which are the highest educational opportunities provided in the Colleges?

There are levels to learn any education in New Zealand. So the people call up them levels.
Well talking about all the education system we must be clear about the education levels.
Level 5 & Level 6- Have you completed your diploma with no backlogs left in any subject then you will be most suitable for this level. It is diploma of about 2 years. After completion in 12th you can directly apply for this level if you are passionate in business. You can call this level as basic one if you have not studied business studies subject in your high school in India. So these two levels are both for diploma as well as graduate diploma (both the education system is around 2 years).
Level 7- If you are planning for Bachelors degree and you got your basic knowledge about the business studies. Then after 12th this is the best option for you. You can choose this option as your best. Become an intermediate in business administration and start you level 7 now. This course is for 3 years is what we call bachelors degree in India which is the same called as Level 7 in New Zealand in Business Administration.
Level 8- This is the level 8 which is known as Post Graduation level and it is for one year. If you are planning to do post graduation in which you can complete your Level 8 after completing Level 7. You need to first complete your Level 7 which is 3 years course then you are eligible to apply for Post graduation which is Level 8. And one more option if you have completed your graduation in Indian completed in business administration then you are eligible for Level 8 in New Zealand.
Level 9- Level 9 is the uppermost second level which is about 1.5 to 2 years and only on one condition you can apply for this level is you need to have work experience of about 3 years. If you have worked anywhere in business administration profile then you are eligible for the level 9.
Level 10- This is the last level which is level 10. If you have cleared level 9 then Level 10 is the last level which is known as the above masters level i.e.; PHD. And it is about 3-4 years. After completing this level you will become the master of business administration.

How can you apply for these levels?

You need to give the ILETS entrance exam and there are 4 rounds for both the graduates and undergraduates. If you are applying for the post or the under-graduation levels then, these methods are same for both of them.

Why Choose Uzbekistan?

Round 1 – Listening – In this round you will be given 4 recordings to hear and then write your answers to a series of question. This test time is 30 minutes.
Round 2 – Reading – It is a 60 minute tests. It contains 40 questions that you need to answer. 4 passages will be given to you.
Round 3 – Writing- It contains 2 tasks and the total time the test will take is about 60 minutes.
Round 4 – Speaking- This test considered 3 parts and the total time is 14 minutes to complete.

If you need complete detail of all the levels as well as Entrance exams then please call on this number +91-8287590270, +91- 9953264567...