STUDY IN Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is also a good option to study and complete MBBS graduation. Nowadays, students need to learn new technologies in every field. So, foreign countries are providing that much of study exposure which is in trends. Trends always follow the research done after studied by various scientists on one project. Uzbekistan is best known for its MBBS growth and this knowledge is provided to the top colleges of Uzbekistan. We are there for your admission as we tie-up with the top oldest colleges especially, for MBBS students who are looking to learn abroad technologies and updated methods. Uzbekistan is located in central Asia covering Kazakhstan (West & North), Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan (East), Afghanistan and Turkmenistan (South).
Let us know about the top college tie Ups and their actual fees for the whole 6 years.

University in Uzbekistan Total Fee
Tashkent Medical Academy 1606500 INR

Tashkent Medical Academy is a famous and reputed university than any other in Uzbekistan. The university has 5 decades of experience as a source of analysis. This shows that they are experienced in data collection of the daily research for different major diseases and this data is specially provided to well-experienced teachers with knowledge implementation to them.

Must know imperious facts when going for MBBS admission in Uzbekistan!

• Nearly around 29Crore population is living in Uzbekistan
• This country is specially labeled for gold mining.
• Its currency is Som.
• The actual area is composed of 4 Lac 47 thousand 400 square km.
• The country is a part of the soviet-union and the Presidential Republic.

How’s the weather climate in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is not as hot as India’s temperature reached above 50 degrees Celsius. It is nearly around 40 degrees Celsius in summer and the rainfall measurements are between 100cm to 200cm. There is very little rainfall in hot and dry seasons. The rainfalls started in the spring and winter seasons. Most people in Uzbekistan follow Muslim religion and while very less people follow Russian orthodox Christianity, the rest of our other rest go after other religions.

Why Choose Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has good climatic conditions. Even the country is safe and free crime due to the national criminal laws applied to the country by the government. People can acquire the best knowledge for the self relative profession. The teachers are well trained and experienced in their subjects. Even if you want to have medical insurance it is optional you may come to have it for 7000 INR per year.
Further, you may have the additional facility for VISA Conversion excluded facility which requires 14000 INR.

How Much Do it costs in the 1st year?

Before going abroad you should calculate your 1st-year expenses so that for the next coming years you get to know how much money is needed for expenses.
• Calculate your Admission Fee- Your admission fee is very important so keep in mind the deposition of time to time admission fee every year.
• Application fee, processing fee, and registration charges- All three procedures need fee that is applicable for all other candidates. This may include the charges of processing applies in the eye of university.
• Admission Letter- Actually admission letter does not cost basically is a part of the criteria procedures including VISA invitation (fee applicable) and invitation letter.
• Police Registration- You will be verified as the people of India. So there is a registration involving all confidential details as well as a personal one. Once the verification completed you will be verified.
• Other Costing- Ministry approval, Medical checkup, Airport Pickup, Misc Exam, Expenses all other procedural formalities required for admission procedure, Study VISA, One-way air ticket and service charges.

To know more about Hostel charges, Mess Extra charges and Medical Insurance including VISA Conversion. You may contact us to know the full details. You may be attended by our experienced counselors.

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