Aircraft management Courses Info

Aircraft management is the term used to describe all of the services that are offered through an aircraft management company. ... Charter aircraft management services offer charter opportunities for a company or individual's aircraft, while the client maintains the operations of the aircraft.

What is Aviation Management

Aviation management is a course which deals with the study of airlines, airports and business related to the aerospace industry. This also includes supervising routine operations undertaken by the ground staff of an airport or an organisation in the aviation sector. An aviation administrator studies aviation management course to work on high level positions where they can be responsible for airport security and air traffic control towers. The course enables a student to adapt good communication skills apart from leadership and organisational skills which are important in the aviation industry

Scope of Aviation Management in India and Abroad

• Employment opportunities for ground crew managers increase on pursuing courses in aviation management.
• The career opportunities on pursuing aviation management course includes aviation planner, senior staff analyst for airlines, operations analyst for airlines, financial analyst for airlines and purchasing managers.