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Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Uzhhorod is a beautiful pearl situated among gorgeous Carpathian mountains!

History and beautiful city views

About University

Uzhhorod National University belongs to classic universities of Ukraine, holding the highest 4th level of accreditation. It is one of the largest and best universities of the Carpathian region.

MBBS in Ukraine 


One of the best international destinations for Indian students to study MBBS in Ukraine. 16 universities are listed under MCI and 36 universities listed under WDOMS. Doing MBBS from Ukraine is safe & economical as it offers low-cost medical colleges with quality education. Students can easily get admission and pursue their MBBS in top universities located in Ukraine.  An approximate budget of 27- 30 lacs INR is required to study medical and to cover the expenses of the whole 6 years.


Ukraine is another destination which is becoming quite popular among MBBS aspirants across the world. The medical colleges of Ukraine offer the best value in terms of curriculum, infrastructure and costs to students. The requirements for MBBS admission in Ukraine are very simple, you just need to qualify the NEET test. Government medical universities in Ukraine are offering MBBS at a very reasonable price compared to countries like China, Russia, etc.



  • Low cost medical colleges located in Ukraine

  • Affordable cost of living and accommodation

  • Medium of instruction – English

  • MCI listed universities

  • High quality of education

  • WHO recognized universities

  • NEXT/FMGE coaching also provided by universities

  • A better alternative for Indian students

  • IELTS or TOEFL not required to get admission in MBBS in Ukraine


• Faculty of Biology                                                               • Faculty of Geography 

• Ukrainian-Hungarian educational institute                   • Faculty of Engineering 

• Faculty of History and International Relations              • Faculty of Mathematics 

• Faculty of Medicine                                                            • Faculty of Dentistry 

• Faculty of Economics                                                         • Faculty of Healthcare 

• Faculty of Information Technologies                               • Faculty of Postgraduate and
                                                                                                    Pre-university Education 

• Faculty of Social Sciences                                                  • Faculty of Foreign Philology 

• Faculty of Tourism and International Communication • Faculty of Physics 

• Faculty of International Relations                                     • Faculty of Philology 

• Faculty of Chemistry                                                          • Faculty of Law 

• Department of Wise Training

Offered specializations Faculty of Medicine:-

  • Medicine. Masters of Medical Sciences. 

  • Pharmacy. [soon in English medium] 

  • Nursing care. [soon in English medium]

  • Postgraduate education in: - 

-internal medicine – 2 years 

- surgery – 3 years 

- neurosurgery – 5 year

Offered specializations International relations:-

• "International Economist and Interpreter“ 

• "Political Analyst and International Relations Expert, Interpreter“ 

• "International Organizations and Diplomatic Service“ 

• "Cross-border Cooperation“ 

• "European Ethnography“ 

• "Management of Advertising and Public Relations“ 

• "International Tourism“ 

• “Masters of Business Administration” 

• "Economics, Politics and Law of the EU"