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Barcelona Executive Business School for PGDM in Spain

Barcelona Executive Business School for PGDM in Spain

Although founded in 2014, BEBS comes from and with a history of academic excellence. The school has been founded by pioneers in the education sector, who wanted to create an educational institution which is not only academia, but also a modern business hub!

Thanks to its innovative approach, BEBS has been growing fast and by now it prides itself with students from more than 80 nationalities.

BEBS blends academic excellence with real-world business, which results in the kind of training that startups, corporations, family businesses, and individual entrepreneurs are looking for.

We place enormous value in people – our students, our professors, and our staff are all part of the BEBS community, which is inclusive, open, professional, ambitious, and joyful. We want to change the world, and you?


An international business school, which represents diversity, innovation, and disruptive education, making a long-lasting positive impact on the society


Provide practical and innovative education, and train executives in an international environment, allowing them to become the leaders and changemakers of the future.


Diversity, a Humanistic approach to business, Change leadership, Empowerment, and Enabling innovation are the core drivers of BEBS.

We believe that every human has the power to make an impact, and through our actions we want to generate and pass on collective knowledge, empower talent to grow, and contribute to an ethical business world.

Studying Postgraduate Diploma (Postgraduate Diploma)

The Postgraduate Diploma, also known as Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.) is a postgraduate qualification that is particularly popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. A Postgraduate Diploma is considered academically over the level of a Bachelor's, but under a Master’s level. A Postgraduate Diploma can normally be started after the completion of a Bachelor's degree and is typically completed in one year or less. You can find Grad. Dip. programs available in most disciplines.

Postgraduate Diplomas can usually be extended towards achieving a full Master's degree, such as a Master of Science or Master of Arts, at a later time. Postgraduate Diplomas are gaining popularity because they are more affordable than a Master's degree and take less time to complete.

People can get confused because in some countries the term “graduate diploma” is synonymous with “postgraduate diploma” (Master’s degrees, Ph.D. degrees), while in other countries “graduate diploma” refers to “undergraduate diploma” (Bachelor’s degrees).

To avoid this confusion, always remember that Postgrad. Dip. studies are a unique degree type, neither a Bachelor’s nor a Master’s, but in between. Always check what each degree type means in the country and university where you want to study to prevent applying for the wrong postgraduate degree.

Study in Spain

Spain attracts thousands of international students every year with its friendly and laid-back lifestyle. The weather is also excellent, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of the sun and relaxing beaches when you’re not in class. Higher education institutions charge relatively low tuition fees and go head-to-head with other big-name institutions worldwide. Spanish universities are well known for their offer of prestigious Business studies. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn Spanish, which is a great asset on any CV, especially if you want to start a career in Spain or at a multinational company.